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returns to Wonderfruit
14-18 DECEMBER 2023
Wonderfruit, Chonburi, Thailand​

  Polygon Live has a limited number of final tickets  
  available for you and your fellow Wonderers

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Polygon Live has been a deep-rooted part of Wonderfruit for the past five years (excluding the years when the world didn’t make sense). We’re so deep-rooted, in fact, that we’ve literally planted roots: our iconic stage is surrounded by indigenous trees we’ve grown — as well as the sound and lighting extravaganza you’ve come to expect from Polygon.

Our ethos is aligned with Wonderfruit’s. We’re both equally invested in community, sustainability and creativity. And when we come together for five days every December, what we create is nothing short of magic.

We speak about Wonderfruit as our spiritual home. It’s the place where we first came to life, and where we’ll always return.

Curious to experience it for yourself?  Of course you are! But how?

While Wonderfruit has wrapped up its ticket sales and the event is sold out…

The tickets are available at a cost of $265 and include a full five-day pass for Wonderfruit, including access to Polygon Live all day — and all night.


We only have a few tickets available,
and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Get yours now!

Polygon Production build Wonderfruit 2018
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